Here are the first 25 classes that we will be presenting at the show this August 26-27 in Dallas.  More classes and workshops will be announced shortly.   Pricing is $79 for all the seminars you want to take over the weekend.  That includes showroom floor admission too.

-Backstage Pro Haunt Tips and Tricks
-Create a Compelling Haunt Narrative
-Designing a Pro Haunt from Scratch
-Ebay and Amazon: Sources of Cheap Prop Parts
-Effective Haunt Building on a Budget
-Façade building – All Good Looks, No Substance
-Faux Finishes for Haunters
-Flying Crank Ghosts, Home Haunting, and the Early Internet
-Halloween/Theatrical Contact Lens Safety Course
-Making Expensive Looking Props with Inexpensive Items
-Making Slider Gloves and Equipment Demo
-Martha Stewart has Nothing on Us – Halloween Home Decorating
-Moving from a Yard Display to a Walk-through Haunt
-Newbie Home Haunter 12 Steps For Success
-Painting Realistic Tombstones
-Practical Application and Use of Stilts
-Prop Programming for Microprocessors
-Queue Line Entertainment
-Sliding – Scaring Patrons and Not Breaking Legs
-Social Media Marketing for the Common Man
-The Scary Truth About Video
-Theme Park Quality Set Design
-Throwing a Halloween Dinner Party
-Using Fog in Your Haunt Effectively
-Wardrobe on a Home Haunt Budget

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