Friday Workshop – Zombies Without Prosthetics

Haunter’s Annex Friday Presents
Zombies Without Prosthetics

As Halloween approaches, Zombies will be on demand – although these designs are great all year round. In this hands-on workshop, I will show you how to create several money making zombies using face paint and gore fx products. No prosthetics will be used. There will be fun zombies and gruesome zombies too, great for your haunt, parties, zombie crawls, movies and simply scaring kids down the street. Demos Include: Zombie Kiss aka Fast Zombie, Ghost Zombie, Eerie Zombie, Toxic Zombie, Virus Zombie, Zombie Decay, Pop Art Zombie, Cartoon Zombie and more!!!! There will also be numerous Gore FX tips and tricks… Fake blood techniques, bruises, zombie bites, veining, scratches, fake bullet wounds and more! This class is going to be super fun and super informative! This class is hands-on so bring your face paint kit (paints, brushes, sponges, etc) and gore fx supplies. There will be some airbrush demos as well – no need to bring your airbrush equipment or airbrush supplies though. NOTE: We will be painting each other so wear something you don’t mind getting fake blood on.

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Instructor: Pashur House
Class: Friday 8/25 – 10am to 5pm
Skill Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: None
Sponsored: No
Fee: $150

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