Boo on Command: Prop Triggers for Haunters

Boo on Command: Prop Triggers for Haunters
Instructor: Steve Koci
Format: Class/Seminar

For haunters, timing is Everything!  Upgrade the performance of your props by using a trigger that works when you want it to.  The types of triggers covered include:  Step pads, Buttons (wired and RF), Beam break sensors , PIRs, and Remote distance sensors.

Steve Koci, “Halstaff”
Steve “Halstaff” Koci, is a writer for Nuts and Volts and Servo magazines on a variety of animatronic topics. He wrote a monthly column for 2 ½ years in Servo Magazine on Do It Yourself Animatronics. His creations have graced the covers of both magazines.

He has taught numerous classes at Halloween conventions around the country in order to pass on some of the lessons he has learned. These presentations cover a broad range of topics pertaining to the construction and operation of home built animatronics.

Steve has been an avid haunter for over 10 years and created a diverse assortment of unique characters and props. His haunt features over 45 animated props; all built by Steve with many being directed by controllers of his own design. His love for Halloween has inspired him to become proficient in many skills and techniques that allow him to bring his motley cast of characters to life.

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