How to Build a Bubble Tube

How to Build a Bubble Tube
Instructor: Don Powell
Course Type: Hands-on Workshop

I’ll show you how to build your very own Bubble Tube Prop you can use for your Haunt or just as a cool decoration for your crypt. We’ll use easy to source materials that will be supplied for the class so each attendee can take home their own Bubble Tube Prop.

Don has been haunting with my partners in fright Mary Powell and Greg Winslow for over 25 years. We our best known for our home Haunt Goth Gloom Spookhouse that was awarded Best Veteran Home Haunt in 2015 by Dead with Dave Awards and Best Indoor/ Walkthrough Haunt Vanguard by 2015 Haunters Video Awards. It was while working on our Steampunk Lab themed Haunt in 2013 that I came up with the Steampunk Bubble Tube Prop and after posting it on YouTube, it has become one of the most watched videos on our channel and I still get questions about how to build it.


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