Class Added – Intro and Application of Stunts & Stilts

Intro and Application of Stunts & Stilts

This is not your typical trade show class! Come learn about the exciting stunts used during multiple seasons and throughout shows at Dark Hour Haunted House.

Stunts and Stilts can be a great addition to any amusement park or haunted attraction by building the shock and awe factor. Whether its a strange creature towering over you, charging and sliding at your feet, or lunging full speed in mid-air just to land right in front of your face; it is sure to get the attention and scares you are looking for.

We will go over the different types of stunts, training stunt actors, application of stunts, safety and maintenance of equipment, and lastly the rigs and stunt gear used.

Instructor: Alex Snyder
Skill Level: All
Class Length: 50 Minutes
Prerequisite: None
Sponsored: N/A

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