Classes for Cosplayers

Cold Metal Casting and Silicone Mold Making – A great way to make objects that look like they are made of metal that can aged just like the real thing.

Through-hole Soldering – Do you want to learn the basics of using a soldering iron and basic electronics assembly?  Solder up those LEDs in your costume for reliable connections.

Molding a Leather Mask (Like the Arrow) – How about learning how to make a totally custom leather mask to take your costume to the next level?

EVA Foam Mask Design with EVA Foam & Construction – A simple but different approach to making EVA foam masks

Making Leather Bracers – Take your game up a notch with custom made leather bracers.

Halloween/Theatrical Contact Lens Safety Course – Learn how to safely use and store contact lenses.  Then purchase a set on the show floor.

Into to Brush On Silicone Molds – Brush on silicone molds allow you to copy complex shapes inexpensively.

Something Strange with the DFW Ghostbusters – This seminar will cover the building and maintenace of Ghostbuster cosplay props and costumes