Cold Metal Casting and Silicone Mold Making

Instructor: David Dienhart “Daboo”
Hands-on Workshop
Location:   Workshop 1 on the Convention Floor
Part 1 Fee:$23
Part 2 Fee:$23
Both Parts: $45
Part 1 -2:30- 4pm
Part 2 – 4:15 – 5:45pm
Saturday 8/26

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Note:  You may take either or both of these workshops.  You’ll be provided the necessary materials to complete either part of the workshop.

Part 1: Making a Silicone Mold – 90 Min
Part 1 of this two part Workshop. In this part, you’ll learn how to make a silicone mold.  Silicone rubber molds are versatile and easy to use. It’s great for creating reproductions of most anything without harming the surface of an object or requiring a release agent. Silicone molds capture and transfer the finest of details including fingerprints and extremely thin decals. Unlike Gypsum based molds, silicone molds can have undercuts, since the rubber is flexible and the cured piece can be removed without damaging it.  The size of the finished item will be comparable to a small medallion.

In this class, you will be provided a small sample casting that you can customize via sculpting. Then you will create a silicone mold that you keep in preparation for casting a metal cold-cast resin piece.

Part 2: Making a Cold Cast Part – 90 Min
In part 2 of this seminar you’ll learn how to make a cold metal cast using resing and metal powders.  Metal Cold Casting is a technique that one uses to make a piece look like it’s cast metal without the need for a foundry and high-temperature molds. By using the cold-casting techniques, we get the realistic look and feel of metal without the cost, and complexities associated with casting molten metal.

In this class, you will learn the basics of casting a cold-cast metal piece using a silicone mold.  If you did not take part 1 of this class, a sample silicone mold will be provided.  Various aging techniques will be presented and you have a chance age your piece.

Note: The picture is intended to give you an idea of the size and look of the project.  Final project design is TBD.