DIY Halloween Pnuematics

Tired of paying big bucks for a plastic Halloween prop that only lasts one season?  Join us this Friday 8/25 at the Mesquite Convention Center and learn all about Pnuematics for Home Haunters.  10 – 5ish and you’ll learn all about the priciples of pnuematic props.  You also assemble your own Pnuematic prop from scratch that will last for years which you keep at the end of the class.   $150 gets you a pnuematic lifter prop and a ton of education.  Visit Halloween & HauntFest to ge more details.

Instructor: Steve Koci
Class: Friday 8/25 – 10am to 5pm
Skill Level: All
Prerequisite: None
Sponsored: No
Fee: $150

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