Dollar Store Halloween Decorations and Paper Mâché Possibilities

Dollar Store Halloween Decorations and Paper Mâché Possibilities
Instructor: Sandie Schneider oOddities
Format: Class/Seminar

A fun look at inexpensive ways to construct Halloween decorations for your home or a large themed haunted party using Dollar Store products. You’ll be able to view finished decorations that were purchased in their original form and transformed into very cool objects.

The secondary portion of this class is about Paper Mâché using Dollar Store pumpkins. Handouts will be provided for the Mâché recipe.

Sandie Schneider oODDities Bio –
I have adored Halloween since I was a child. It’s better than any holiday! Halloween night is the night to fly your freak flag high! I’m a Halloween crafter & enthusiast all year round. Crafter, painter, scare actor and sewing fiend. YouTuber and Pinterest follower with 30,000 + followers. I’m a Halloween indoor/outdoor Haunter with 20 years background including themed Halloween parties. Involved in CalHauntS, Damn Texas Haunters, So Cal Valley Haunters, Northwest Haunters Association and Halloween Yard Haunts and Props to name a few. I’m always ready to learn anything new in regards to Halloween. Come and stalk out this class, Halloween eye candy will be there, and maybe some sweets!

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