Easy “No Latex Mess” Skull Corpsification Workshop

Instructor: Dr. Bill Ramsay/Dr. TerrorEyes
Saturday 4pm
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Ramsay Corpse Skull
Skeletons are a staple of haunting, but when you buy them they are stripped of flesh and ready for the anatomy class, not the creepy rotted remains of a long dead victim. Changing clean white bone into a rotting body is known in the industry as “Corpsification,” and is a crucial technique for any haunted house props maker.
In this hands-on workshop, 42-year Haunt veteran Bill Ramsay/Dr. TerrorEyes will instruct attendees in an inexpensive way to transform the average white resin skull into a rotting corpse head — without the mess of latex, contact cement or paper mache. Attendees will be provided with a skull, tools, materials and instruction on Corpsification. When completed, attendees will take home their creation.

Materials Fee is required for this class and seating is limited. Class is sponsored in part by Skeletons and More. To add to the fun, course attendees are also eligible for several door prize drawings throughout the workshop.