Escape Room Trip

Ari as Jason2150Halloween & HauntFest Exclusive!  What is cooler? Being locked in a room with the original JASON Voorhees  (Ari Lehman)  or to be locked in a room with Scott ‘Tater’ Lynd with a zombie from The Walking Dead? (Chris Harrelson) Only 20 people on our Escape Room Trip will get to find out. Hosted by Escape Room Experts, the premier escape room complex in DFW.   Two teams, two identical escape rooms, who will get bragging rights? Tater & Chris Harrelson (a zombie of many faces on The Walking Dead) head to head with the original Jason, Ari Lehman. Tickets are very limited. $55 includes bus transportation from the host hotel and convention center 6:45 PM to midnight, Friday Night.

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