Extracurricular Activities

Join us for after-hours fun in Texas.

Friday night –

Haunter’s Mixer and Game Night  

A low key event for Haunter’s Annex students, exhibitors, and instructors.  Will take place in one of the ballrooms.  Starts at 7pm. First drink is on HHF.  Cash bar available and hospitality suite will be open for additional beverages

Saturday Night –

Zombie HackFest

A short bus ride to the training camp leaves the hotel at 7:15.  We’ll feed you on the bus to keep your strenght up.  You train for 90 mins to 2 hours and we celebrate with pizza.  Beers on the bus back to the hotel.  Sponsored by Demented Designs Studio


Choose your team –

Team Head Hackers – Practise the art of throwing an axe to get head shot.

Team Escape and Evade – You team is locked in a room with a live zombie and you have 60 minutes to escape.