Friday Workshop Tombstone Faux Finishes

Instructor: Ben Courtney
Latigo Room
Class: Friday 8/25 – Noon to 5pm
Skill Level: All
Prerequisite: None
Sponsored: Tombstone Factory
Fee: $60 (A $120 value)

Tombstone Factory’s Ben Courtney will be teaching you how to paint tombstones like they do, each class will be a different finish and you get to keep your very own Tombstone Factory tombstone.

Friday half-day class: Learn two finish techniques, you will receive two genuine Tombstone factory blanks. Bishop or Claibourne Tombstone Factory Tombstones that you will learn to paint. (limited to 20 participants)

More About Tombstone Factory and our Finishes:

Tombstone Factory is the product of years of increasingly out-of-control Halloween haunting. It started with a single witch on an apartment balcony and has transformed into a yard haunt we begin conjuring in March of every year. After six years of more intricately detailed Haunts (which now makes children cry and means we won Halloween) the culminating event was the purchase of a commercial grade CNC Router to manufacture Halloween props. Hey, since we spend nearly the entire year dreaming and building Halloween, why not make a living at doing what we love!
We know that a lot of Haunters love to build their own tombstones as we have built ours. But, unless you have a lot of space, time and some pretty outstanding artistic ability, making your own tombstones can be a long, frustrating and arduous process. At Tombstone Factory, we firmly believe that the lack of these things should not be an impediment to having a noteworthy Haunt. Our tombstones lay the foundation for your trick-or-treaters fear and their minds will conjure the rest. No blood, no gore, no obvious images of fright. Only subtle tremors of terror.
All of our tombstones and cemetery signs are made out of 25psi extruded polystyrene foam, are hand-cracked and hand-painted. Your tombstone will vary slightly from the images on our website.

Graveyard Finish: Ultra-realism is our goal. Our Graveyard Finish is designed to look like a tombstone that has being aging in the sun, wind and weather for centuries. We have spent countless hours perfecting our painting technique to meet the high demands of our Haunters. If your Haunt demands authentic looking tombstones and yard props, the Graveyard Finish is for you.

Haunter Finish: Our Haunter Finish is designed to give the best show and be easily read in Haunt lighting. Our varied color palate works best in theatrical lighting and offers high contrast detail which allows your visitors to easily read the tombstone epitaphs. Tombstone Factory™s goal is to allow the inscriptions, epitaphs, engravings and cracking to be clear in low light settings. We want your tombstones to look old and retain the Haunt feel while permitting guests to experience all the elements of your tombstones.