Halloween & HauntFest Announces The First 36 Classes for 2018

We’re working a great education lineup for 2018 at HauntFest;  here’s the first part of the lineup.
Note:  This is very early for a haunt show to release a partial list classes.  There will be changes due schedule conflicts, personal issues and life related stuff.

Alex Snyder Stilt Walking and Stunt Scares
Alex Snyder TBD- Working on a Guest Instructor
Barbara Ferguson How to Create Atmosphere and Mood for Your Haunt
Doug Ferguson Haunted Imagineering
John Carroll TBD
Miranda  Enzor How to Plan a Killer Halloween Party
Miranda  Enzor Halloween Parties on a Budget
Shayne Torrans Designing a Pro Haunt from Scratch
Shayne Torrans Making Expensive Looking Props with Inexpensive Items
Steve Koci What Mummy Didn’t Teach You: Unraveling the Mysteries of Prop Controllers
Steve Koci Boo on Command: Prop Triggers for Haunters
Steven Colberg 15 Dollar Prop Controller
Hellen  Die Disgustingly Delicious ‘Gore’-met Alien FaceHugger
Hellen  Die Disgustingly Delicious ‘Gore’-met – Drinks, Desserts, and Other Goodies
Alex & Jennifer Lohmann TBD – Holding a couple of industry pros in reserve
Alex & Jennifer Lohmann TBD – Holding a couple of industry pros in reserve
Kalen McCarthy Making Foam Fright Armor 101
Mitch  Rogers Understanding and Using 2-Part Foam for Making Props
Andy  Arrasmith Blood Formulas
Kyle Stockton Restoration and Repair of Props
Kyle Stockton Sculpting bones/horns
Alex Linebrink TBD
Shawn  McCarthy Prepare Yourself to Deal with Your Fire Marshal and the NFPA Code
Sandie Schneider Dollar Store Decorating
Mary  Powell Scenic Painting Made Simple
Rolland Pickens How to Build a Walk-through Home Haunt
Dan  Doble TBD
Cosplay Meets Horror and Halloween
Hayden Jacobs Leather Working Demo
Deanna Bryant-Shaw TBD
Steve Koci Basic Soldering Skills for Cosplay and Haunters
Victoria Lohman HWFF Foam Cutting of Props
Deanna Powers Powers Custom Cups by A Krafty Teacher/Deanna Powers
Don  Powell How to Build a Steampunk Bubble Tube