Halloween/Theatrical Contact Lens Safety Course

Instructor: Dr. Bill Ramsay/Dr. TerrorEyes
Saturday  12 – 1  Riata Room
Skill Level: All
Class Length: 50 Minutes
Prerequisite: None
Sponsored: N/A

What Halloween Haunter or Scareactor DOESN’T wear scary contact lenses to help frighten patrons and TOTs? Do you know all of your eye-changing options? But do you know all that is required to safely wear these special effects medical devices safely while keeping proper eye health? Dr. TerrorEyes (Dr. Bill Ramsay) is a real and practicing Board Certified Optometric Physician and Contact Lens Specialist. Listen as he shares his decades of practical medical advice on how to SAFELY wear these medical devices, provide you with resources, explain the risk of blindness with contact lenses, and explain how to properly care for these expensive costume accessories. To add to this educational experience, course attendees are also eligible for several door prize drawings throughout his presentation.