Hellen Die – Blogger, Mistress of Disgustingly Delicious ‘Gore’-met

We are pleased to announce that Hellen Die will be teaching her seminar “Disgustingly Delicious ‘Gore’-met” at HauntFest 2018.  Creator of Alien Facehugger Chicken Dinner, The Turkey Chestburster, numerous Halloween themed drinks, and tons of creepy desserts. Until you get to meet her in person, follow her blog and FB page.

Meet this amazingly talent at the show this August 18-19.  From her blog…  “I’ve been employed for over 15 years in Hollywood in film and television and spent the majority of that time working on horror films.  I’m a member of both the DGA as well as the WGA.  I’ve done everything from write episodes for the wildly popular and bloody Syfy series, “Z Nation,” to costume design “Sharknado 3” and “Sharknado 5.”   I’ve built props and slung blood for horror films like “Hatchet,” and “Hansel vs Gretel,” and now I’m taking all those experiences scaring people and moving them from the (big and small) screen into the kitchen.”


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