HHF Body Painting Competition

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One painter, no assistant. (That includes the model.)

All competitors will have 6 hours to complete their body paint entry.

Theme will be announced 1 hour prior to the contest during setup.its a Haunters convention so it’s a good bet it’ll be horror related

Painters will have one hour to set up prior to start.

Models will be required to stay in competition room while disrobed. Models will need robes to leave the room.

Head dresses, appliances, contact lenses, hair augmentation, nails, etc. are acceptable to add to your look, however the judges will be basing their scores solely on the paint job.

Models are required to be fully painted head to toe 360 degrees.

No exposed (unpainted) skin.

Shoes, gloves, shears and other clothing must cover no more than 1/8th of the region. (No thigh high boots or full arm gloves etc.)

All mediums are welcome so as they are suited for and safe for the skin.

Pasties or other suitable coverings are required.

Bottoms are required. Full seat bottoms are recommended. (Thongs are fine.)

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded. If there is a tie for any place, it will be referred back to the judges to break the tie.

Due to time constraints, Signups will be available in person at the convention ticket booth. Artist entry fee is 25$. Models are free.

Painter & model will announce themselves and sign in to receive complementary pass to the convention. (This is subject to change if we come up with a better system)


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