HHF Education Sneak Peek



Here are the working titles of a bit more than half of the classes and workshops we’ll be offering at the Halloween and HauntFest Convention. Haunter’s Annex ticket required to attend seminars. (Some titles and subjects will change as we get closer to the show date.)

-Backstage Pro Haunt Tips and Tricks
-Create a Compelling Haunt Narrative
-Designing a Pro Haunt from Scratch
-Ebay and Amazon: Sources of Cheap Prop Parts
-Effective Haunt Building on a Budget
-Façade building – All Good Looks, No Substance
-Faux Finishes for Haunters
-Flying Crank Ghosts, Home Haunting, and the Early Internet
-Halloween/Theatrical Contact Lens Safety Course
-Making Expensive Looking Props with Inexpensive Items
-Making Slider Gloves and Equipment Demo
-Martha Stewart has Nothing on Us – Halloween Home Decorating
-Moving from a Yard Display to a Walk-through Haunt
-Newbie Home Haunter 12 Steps For Success
-Painting Realistic Tombstones
-Practical Application and Use of Stilts
-Prop Programming for Microprocessors
-Queue Line Entertainment
-Sliding – Scaring Patrons and Not Breaking Legs
-Social Media Marketing for the Common Man
-The Scary Truth About Video
-Theme Park Quality Set Design
-Throwing a Halloween Dinner Party
-Using Fog in Your Haunt Effectively
-Wardrobe on a Home Haunt Budget