Introduction to Silicone Molds and Resin Casting

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Friday August 26, 10am – 6pm
Fee: $160
Instructor Mitch Rogers of Brick in the Yard (BITY)
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Ever wanted to make custom parts for your cosplay costume or weapon? How about your own slasher knife? Maybe just cool accessories like fake bolt head and rivets for your haunt. In this class you will learn the skills and right materials to make these things happen. In this hands-on workshop, Mitch will guide you step-by-step from an original pattern to a silicone mold. With your silicone mold you, will cast a resin copy. These reusable silicone molds allow you to make many copies of your creation. When the resin cures, (In minutes) you will learn a host of finishing techniques. At the end of the class you keep the remainder of your starter kit and your resin creation.

This class will give you the opportunity to learn from a local expert that is available full-time to provide person service and advice for all your upcoming projects.

About the instructor:
Mitch Rogers became interested in special effects work in 1989 while working at a costume and magic shop in Dallas, Texas. Through this avenue, Mitch began to develop his skills in the area of life-casting and began to apply that knowledge to basic prosthetic work and fabrication of life-like human props. Mitch then went on to work in the art bronze world creating complex silicone and urethane molds for sculpture.

Today Mitch builds all kinds of specialized props, life-like dummies, custom breakaways, and prosthetics for Texas film and television customers.