Kreepy Krafts Kids Korner

Fun projects for the little haunter. Join us in the Kreepy Krafts Kids Korner. Children ages 5 to 12 can make kraft projects that the keep and take home. An adult is required to remain in the workshop area during the project making period. All Kids Kraft projects cost $10 each. Purchase tickets here.

Class Descriptions:

Children’s Face Painting Class with Arreah and Zayda Bihary

Kids teaching kids Halloween face painting. Learn face painting basics from the base coat up! Never let your kids use nasty ole greasepaint again! This high quality product is so versatile and easy to use, not to mention safer and more comfortable to wear! Arreah and Zayda are the daughters of international art instructor and tv personality, Dutch Bihary! And they would like to teach your children cool Halloween designs, makeup safety, application, and removal. Make up should be fun, not scary!

Kids Faces




Kids Special Effects Makeup: Creating Zombie Skin, Cuts and Bruising
Using cheap kid friendly materials such as Elmers glue and water base paints. This a fun and creative activity for kids to learn basic special effects techniques.
would1 wound 2 wound 3


Make a Candle Light Jug Using Colored Tissue Paper
Using tissue paper along with glue, they will cut out design and apply to the milk jug. There will be four example jugs to use as creative ideas or they can design there own.
jug1 jug2 jug3






Make a Trick or Treat Tote Bag
These are just some examples, other ideas about decoration are great!

tote1 Tote2 Tote3