Lovecraft Mini Mausoleum

Using Foam Sheets in Architectural  Haunt Construction

Instructor: Roger Hayes
Hands-on Workshop
Sunday 10:30 – 12

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Enroll in Uncle Rog’s offbeat session and learn all about using foam sheets in architectural structures for your haunt. Build crypts, mausoleums, gothic arches, facades, churches and anything else you can imagine, but in a way so it will hold up to winds and weather. Build using techniques that will allow you to store it flat to save space and set up and take down quickly. While learning these concepts you will assemble your own mini foam mausoleum kit that will demonstrate the use of these ideas. Take it home to use as a reference model for your own designs. The crypt also makes a handy fog machine cover or a cover for just about anything else you want to hide.

Fun stuff to learn, useful stuff to know and even a cool mausoleum to paint and finish later to amaze your friends!



Roger Crypt 2