Moving from a Yard Haunt to a Walk-Through Experience

Instructor: Roger Hayes
Sunday 2 -3 Latigo Room
Skill Level: All
Class Length: 50 Minutes
Prerequisite: None
Sponsored: N/A

Your haunt has grown has outgrown the front yard. You have established a fan base and are ready to “take it to the next level”. Let’s move from a Halloween Display to more of a “Haunted House” walk-through experience, complete with thrills, chills and scares. All your hard work could be wasted if you don’t spend the time to cleverly craft the experience, time your scares and give them something to scream about! Inthis lively session, Roger Hayes will explain how to creatively use fear to move the guests where you want them in the haunt. Attendees will learn how to design their haunt with an artist’s eye. Learn what to expect when dealing with local city officials and Fire Marshals. Learn how to haunt safely, entertain and fuel your guests’ nightmares and bring them back for more.