Munster Mansion Tour

Sunday August 19, 2018
Bus leaves Mesquite Convention Center 5PM
Best guestimate return time 8:30PM
Cost $60


We will have a very limited number of spaces available for a tour the the Munster Mansion replica located in Waxahachie, Texas. Founded on 2002. The Munster Mansion is the proud home and hard work of Sandra and Charles McKee. The Munster Mansion is a replica of the house used in “The Munsters” 60’s sitcom show. It has been painstakingly recreated room by room, through watching and re-watching footage from the show. Many pieces in the house are from the show or exact matches of items from the show. This is a living work as each year more detail is added, and more items collected to make this as exact as it can be.  Due to the lack of safe parking in the area all attendees must take the bus from the convention center to the Mansion.  Beverages will be provided because it could as hot as the surface of the sun that day.


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