Preparing for the Fire Marshal and the N.F.P.A. Code

Instructor: Shawn McCarthy
Class / Seminar

Your Haunt may be the First and only event of it’s kind your Fire Marshal or Local Code Enforcement Official has ever inspected. There are exceptions and alternatives available that THEY may not be familiar with, so YOU should be! No one can predict the attitudes of every local inspector, but, this class seeks to present some of the tips & techniques to navigate the N.F.P.A.,N.E.C.,A.D.A, and several other occupancy codes. Avoid the”sticker shock” of a surprise inspection!

Over 50 years in Live Entertainment, over 40 years in the Haunted Attraction business, 18 years as the Utilities Engineer for Scarborough Renaissance Festival & Senior Technical Designer of the Screams Halloween Theme Park; Flame Effects Operator, Pyrotechnician, Electrician, Wastewater Treatment Operator, Industrial Controls Specialist, Code Compliance Specialist.

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