Put the Scissors Down! Distress Like you Mean it.

Put the Scissors Down! Distress Like you Mean it.
Instructor: Culley Franks
Format: Class/Seminar

Culley Franks, of In Search Of Brains Creature Designs, will explain the process of creating movie-quality distressed clothing. Participants will learn the how’s and the why’s of ripping, painting, staining, and muddying-up clothing to create a costume with items you can find at your local hardware store or on Amazon.

Bio –

Culley Franks is product of the amazing welcoming culture of the local haunt industry. Inspired by the television shows “Face Off” and “Making Monsters”, he joined the wonderful crew at Zombie Manor in Arlington to learn the ins and outs of a professional haunted house. Still inspired by the tremendous ingenuity and passion of the actors but without a haunt to call home after the sale of ZM, he visited the Dark Hour crew on on-and-off for the last couple of years to further his understanding of the industry where they are still deciding as to whether to let him come back or not.

With the guidance from his friends at Zombie Manor and Dark Hour and the haunt community at-large, Culley created his company, In Search Of Brains Creature Design, to supply high quality props, costumes, and masks catering to the needs of haunt actors. You can find his works on Facebook or at haunted houses across the US.

Outisde of the haunt industry, he’s better known as Mr. Franks to his students at Midlothian High School. Sadly, they’re too busy staring at their phones to appreciate all the cool stuff he does.
His presence at HHF is testimony of the greatness of our local haunt community, because if they didn’t welcome him with open arms he’d still be at home watcing television and playing video games wondering “what if?”

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