Social Media and Community Involvement : Marketing Tips for Haunters

This hour long seminar will be broken into three 15 min sections , each taught by one of the three facilitators; Dan on Social Media Marketing Tips and Content with a focus on Facebook and Instagram, Kyle on Haunting for a cause and community involvement, Liz on working with non profits and outreach.Starting with a 5 min introduction the seminar will wrap up with a 10 min Q&A.

Introduction (5 min)
– Every one pull out your phone – like and Follow HC on FB and IG
Sec. 1 (Dan 15min): Social Media Marking Tips & Developing Content
– Why use Social Media and invest in paid boosts
– Set Goals (who are you trying to reach? Whose your audience)
– Track numbers , interpret stats, and use them to your advantage
– Content Content Content

***Transition- using your community to develop content and boost traffic ***

Sec. 2 (Kyle 15min): Huanting for a Cause & Community involvement
– Haunting for a purpose
– Involve your community / Marketing with Non Profits
– Win Win for both parties Free Marking , Supporting and helping a Cause
– Small and Large scale (Chamber of horrors example )

***Transition- How to reach out to Nonprofits and partner is easier than you think ***

Sec. 3 (Liz 15min): Working with Nonprofits and Outreach
– Research local Nonprofits are they a good match
– Contact and align with their mission
– How can you help them , what’s the partnership involve
– Example Non profits for haunts
Closing and Q&A (All 10min)

Seminar Facilitators:
Dan Doble – Haunt Collective Social Media and Marketing Manager/Home and Pro Haunt Owner
Kyle J Krueger – Professional Makeup Artist – Haunt Collective Talent – Haunt Actor
Liz Mistele – Social Worker – Haunt Collective Talent – Haunt Actor

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