Zombie HackFest – Saturday 8/26 7:17 – Midnight

Sponsored by our friends at Demented Designs Studio

Join us Saturday night for HHF’s Zombie HackFest.   This event is a unique zombie survival training experience.  Join one of two teams.   BUY TICKETS

Team Head Hackers will train in the use of an axe as a zombie hunting tool.  12 brave souls will engage in an hour and half long axe throwing elimination tournament to earn the title of Zombie Hunter Supreme.

Team Zombie Escape will train in zombie escape and evasion techniques while locked in a room with a live zombie

The bus leaves the Mesquite Convention Center at 7:15 for the short trip to the training facility.   Because you’ll need your strength will provide a boxed snack enroute.

You’ll hangout and train for about 2 hours with your team.   After everyone is done we’ll provide a light meal (probably pizza) and head back to the convention center.   We should arrive back about midnight.

Spaces are limited.

To learn more about the axe throwing visit https://dallasaxethrowing.com/

To learn more about the zombie escape room visit https://roomescapeadventures.com/dallas-tx/

Training, transportation, and food will cost $60 for the night.

If the bus sells out we may offer a self drive option for an escape room experience at a great discount.


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